TMJoint Subjects for Lectures, Study Clubs, Panel Discussions:
001. Current Treatment Protocol for TM Disorders
 Patient Presentations with TMD: Symptoms and signs
 TMD Patients in your field of practice
 Treatment: TMJ Adaptation + Joint Based Occlusion + Myofascial Pain 
 Medical Insurance and effect on treatment acceptance
 Role of the TMD practice in the health care system
 Prognosis and long term care for your patient with TMD
002. MRI and CT Imaging Analysis for TMD’s 
 Specific strengths of both MRI and CT scans 
 Reading scans with your computer step by step
 Checklist for specific degenerative conditions
 Associating signs and symptoms with scans
 Specifications for ordering scans  
003. Joint Structures in the TMJ and Arthritis: Types of Disorders
 CT and MRI images of structures in the TM Joint
 Arthritic degradation types in the TM joint
 Restricted movement accelerates joint deterioration.
 Treatment and Prognosis of TMD: Definition of a "Well Adapted Joint"
 Achieving stability through adaptation of various joint tissues.        
004. Teeth & TMD: Occlusal Analysis, Adjustment, & Dental Restoration
 CT and MRI images of occlusal disease effects in the TM Joint 
 Occlusal Disease as a result and cause of TMD.    
 Restoring joint stability for the patient with arthritic TM joints.
 Restoring occlusion based on the stable TM joints. 
 Orthodontics and Oral Surgery to restore joint based occlusion
005. Muscles and TMD: Incoordinated Muscle Function in TM Disorders
 CT and MRI imaging of TMD related to muscle dysfunction
 Coordinated muscle function for the TM joints.
 Incoordinated muscle function and charting the pain in diagnostics
 Effects of over use, under use, and incoordination
 Restoring muscle function with orthotics and Botox
006. Pain: Myofascial, Headache, Referred, and Chronic
 CT and MRI's images of TMD effects that lead to pain  
 Shooting, radiating, burning: How they differ and What it means   
 Charting myofascial pain in diagnosis
 Headache, eye and ear pain often relate to TMD  
 Resolving muscle pain as a result of stabilizing the TM joint
 Referred pain and chronic pain and neurology
 Injections for diagnostics and use of Botox
007. Triage for the TM Patient in Crisis
 CT and MRI's images of TMD crisis patients
 Short term effects of trauma and whiplash 
 Long term degenerative conditions and flare-ups
 Jaw-locked checklist: Causes and remedies
 Pain checklist: Management and remedies
 Extreme pain: Entry Points for Care
 Dangerous case checklist: What to do first
 Common ER treatments
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